COVID-19 Updates and Information

Protocol for Minimizing COVID-19 Exposure and Avoiding Self-Isolation Order and Fines (up to $486 per day) – Aug 31st, 2020

New Order

If an individual is COVID-19 positive or even been exposed to a COVID-19 by a close contact (within two meters for greater than 15 minutes of a confirmed case), beginning August 28, 2020 the province of Manitoba can order a self-isolation (14 days) and (if not complied to) fine up to $486 per day.

To guard both employees and clients from COVID-19 exposure and to this new legislation, Making Your Miles Count has designed a clear set of protocols.

1. Any and all employees or clients who test positive MUST immediately self isolate for the required time frame (no exceptions). Any client or employee who has submitted themselves for testing of COVID-19 (but have not received the results yet) must self isolate until the results are confirmed negative.
2. Any employee or client who does not feel well or is suffering symptoms that may be COVID-19 we request they stay home until well.
3. All meetings (including year ends) must follow three options:
a. not take longer than 14 minutes (from walking in the door to walking out the door).
b. must be done electronically, by phone and/or email. If there are difficult issues then…
c. must be done by video conferencing, either from the clients home or attending one of our offices and having an available desk provided for skyping. (Please call ahead and reserve an office seat/computer/video for your meeting)

NOTE: negative test results will not immune yourself from a potential self-quarantine order if you were knowingly or even unknowingly exposed AFTER the test.

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