OTA/MTO, FMCSA and Now CBC – Another Example of Supermarket Tabloid Trash.

OTA/MTO, FMCSA and Now CBC – Another Example of Supermarket Tabloid Trash.

When the CBC aired “Canadian truckers violate U.S. safety rules” on February 23, 2011 it painted a picture of the trucking industry as if it was a wild mob of rebels tearing up the rules and the roads. However, when CBC was confronted with the ACTUAL data and a request for clarification by Marco Beghetto of Today’s Trucking it arrogantly refused to respond. Nothing like another random drive by shooting to both the trucking industry and “journalism”.

It seems the fabrication and manipulation of data is the new millennium’s soup de jour. Similar to the FMCSA “reasoning’s” for the proposed new changes to the HOS or the OTA/MTO method of passing the speed limiter law. Choose a direction then fabricate “evidence” to support the proposal. Then, keep yelling and trumpeting the spin until you drown out the facts!

Did the MTO/OTA’s speed limiter spin, and FMCSA data manipulation give media outlets (such as CBC) a blank check to creatively trash the trucking industry? Isn’t it the responsibility of professional journalists to hold bureaucratic freakshows accountable for their statistical data, as opposed to running with the lemmings for the sake of ratings!

CBC placed a baited hook of imaginary fear in the minds of innocent Canadian citizens. Given CBC’s slant, you’d think the ditches would have been full of fatigue truck wrecks but they actually had to dig up a SIX YEAR OLD accident in order to support their fabrications. In other words CBC embellished a non-news item for the sake of Ratings! So, when REAL NEWS ever DOES come along, who will we be able to trust for accuracy? Certainly NOT the CBC!

Oh what tangled web of Baitings.

When first we practice the Zeal for Ratings. (my apologies to Sir Walter Scott)

What kind of twisted logic thinks that the fabrication of statistical data will add to their journalistic integrity as a Canadian icon? It only shows CBC’s desperation to elevate their perceived status, or maybe they’re just looking for more federal funding?

Which brings me to the next logical thought, why are hard working Canadian taxpayers funding this type of tabloid trash? (2010 est $930 million)

Personally, I’m now looking forward to the day when Wendy Mesley interviews the scale clad alligator boy growing up in the Toronto Sewer system or that all important world exclusive with the Mars Alien’s who are advising the Obama administration on climate control.

Do these people in influence actually think we’re all idiots? Mindless thoughtless blobs of amino acids? Kinda looks like it.

If CBC does not rescind their own refuse maybe Ottawa can rescind a few million of our tax dollars in compensation.

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Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive! Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17. Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)

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Robert Scheper

Robert D Scheper has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is the author of two books, “Making Your Miles Count: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes” and "Making Your Miles Count: Choosing a Trucking Company".

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