Our Future is Our Choice

Our Future is Our Choice

For nearly two years now society has had to deal with an issue that has dramatically altered peoples priorities and perspectives. Entire industries and markets have either disappeared or have been dramatically altered. The changes in some industries has been more than just from restrictions. People’s spending habits have changed because of their change in priorities. Changing spending habits (over time) will dramatically change anyone’s future position and level of stress if the changes achieve the right goal.

I have just walked several dozen clients through the process of closing their corporation/business. They were unvaccinated clients and wished to stay that way. Most, if not all, have gone smoothly. Some situations were much more casual than others. In fact about half of them had very little stress associated with this dramatic change. It had little to do with the political issue, it had almost everything to do with their financial position. They were (and had been living) debt free. They were not focused on selling a truck to meet the payments, they decided to just park it on their driveway and pay the storage insurance. One client who went to the DMV to secure storage status on his truck was greeted by a teller who said “another one?” and pointed to a high stack of applications she had been processing.

Living debt free is a lifestyle too many people just do not think is possible. Image not having any credit card payments, no loan payments, no car payments, no truck payments… and yes, no home mortgage payments. The only payments that need to be arranged is insurance and utilities. Image one more scenario, having a 3-6 month emergency (living) fund in a savings account (in case of a shutdown or crisis), and an auto replacement fund in cash. So the cash is already sitting there in the event your existing vehicle(s) need replacement (because say, you were in an accident). What would that be like? What attitude would you have towards your job? Your boss? Your co-workers? Your choices? How much stress would you NOT be carrying.

What work or expenses could you eliminate if you were not tied to a financial institution. For example, I know a company that is debt free. When they do their year end tax returns they don’t need an $8,000 auditor to complete it because they don’t have to report anything to a loans officer. Just imagine… doing what you want, how you want, in a time frame that suits you, not your banker.

In my small sample of drivers who stopped driving Jan 15th a disproportionate amount of them lived debt free. They were able to make choices for their personal lives without considering the financial impact. No matter what a person’s view is on this particular vaccination situation, we must all admit that having the freedom to make a choice without overly considering the financial consequences is very appealing.

How many things do we all do that we have “convinced” ourselves we have to do? I’m not just talking productivity at a job we don’t like. I mean why do I own a new car (or A car)? Would I live in the same home as I do now? If we had a total “do-over” what would we change? What would we keep and what would we move on from? We are not Victims of our circumstances, we are the creators of them. We may have created our “now” but still have control of our future environment. We will only be victims of our prior choices.

The opportunity of a “do-over” is not fairy tales and pixie dust. Given the right motivation, nearly everyone can achieve at least a debt free life. It may take years and a deep level of sacrifice but it can be done. It took me 20+ years of working weeks and weekends but I now benefit from my past sacrifice (and I even started upside down). If someone wants something bad enough, they usually can get it… if they believe they can. One thing I would guarantee… the path will not be straight and it will not be easy. However, it usually doesn’t take nearly as long as you originally estimate (unless you keep changing your mind half way through). A lack of focus on the goal is the leading indicator of an unachievable goal.

Nobody can predict the future, that’s why its best to create the future you want on purpose, with intent rather than let circumstances carry you to its destination. We are primarily the victim of our own choices.

Robert Scheper

Robert D Scheper has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is the author of two books, “Making Your Miles Count: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes” and "Making Your Miles Count: Choosing a Trucking Company".

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