#15 – Freedom Convoy: What Really Happened in Ottawa – Part 2

#15 – Freedom Convoy: What Really Happened in Ottawa – Part 2

Making Your Miles Count
Making Your Miles Count
#15 - Freedom Convoy: What Really Happened in Ottawa - Part 2

3 eye witnesses sit down and talk about how the Freedom Convoy went from a peaceful protest, into chaos as the government used unethical tactics to push the protestors out and how the news refused to publish the truth.

00:00:00 – Like/Share/Introduction
00:24:56 – Welcome to MYMC Podcast
01:21:13 – First couple of days in Ottawa
04:25:13 – The New Queen of Canada
06:11:02 – Confederate Flag
07:04:24 – Police Officers From Start to End
11:23:21 – A wave of people from Quebec join
14:23:43 – The Anti-Protesters Showed Up
16:29.30 – Black Lives Matter
17:39:34 – Canadian’s Don t Like Violence
20:17:56 – Liberal Prime Ministers Who Seemed Conservative
22:44:24 – Truckers could have stopped the Convoy
25:16:43 – Why the Freedom Convoy Didn’t Grow in The U.S.A.
25:52:37 – Europe’s Freedom Movement
26:22:31 – The American Freedom Convoy
28:11:55 – Elon Musk Bought Twitter (Now X)
29:59:03 – News Today is Filtered
34:16:04 – The blockade in Ottawa
39:01:48 – The Medical System
45:14:59 – Private Health Care Options
49:06:02 – Week 2 in Ottawa
53:20:42 – Bouncy Castle
54:47:47 – Emergencies Act
01:01:13:58 – The Violence
01:03:43:30 – Police Won’t Let The Trucks Leave
01:08:25:24 – What Did We Learn From The Convoy?
01:10:39:41 – The Aftermath of The Lock down/Freedom Convoy
1:33:12:48 – What To Say To Someone Against The Freedom Convoy?

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