Chapter 3 – Duplicity Exposed, Examined and Evaluated

Chapter 3 – Duplicity Exposed, Examined and Evaluated

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
Chapter 3 - Duplicity Exposed, Examined and Evaluated

Dive into the exposing court case that changed the future of the trucking industry.

This episode talks about how the Canadian Government gave their employees a non-taxable daily rate while out on the road yet denied truck drivers the same benefit.

Learn about how you can now legally use this benefit and save around $10,000 in taxes per year.

About Taxes, Taxes, Taxes:

“Making Your Miles Count: taxes, taxes, taxes” is the tax textbook for Canadian lease/owner operators.

In this podcast series Robert Scheper, alongside cohosts will discuss each chapter and break it down for the listeners in a way that is simple and entertaining.

This timeless book is written to lease/owner Operators in Canada. It deals with every known tax issue applicable to them.

It exposes the two primary methods of taxable income reporting and traces the historical logic of the two systems even quoting a significant court case word for word. It then promotes one method as the superior over the other, exposing annual after tax benefits in the thousands.

You can view a chart showing the net tax difference in the research portion of this website. It has been credited with moving the lease/owner operator business primarily from self-employed status further to incorporations. Though incorporating by itself is not what produces the benefits it is necessary to be able to collect non-taxable benefits.

Operators who have learned to use the system described in this book have saved thousands of dollars per year in taxes.

The net tax savings have been studied and tracked at our firm since the publication of this book.

Annual savings can average up to over $10,000.

About Making Your Miles Count:

To date, Making Your Miles Count has saved Canadian Truck Drivers $67,000,000.00 in taxes.

Our services include;
-Full service accounting: (monthly GST, source deductions etc.)
-Truckers only income tax preparation: (personal T1 and corporate T2)
-Truckers comprehensive tax planning
-Government communication and audit assistance
-Trucking company contract consulting and mediation
-Comprehensive administrative consulting to lease/owner operators

Follow the link to request more information about our services.

Robert Scheper

Robert D Scheper has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is the author of two books, “Making Your Miles Count: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes” and "Making Your Miles Count: Choosing a Trucking Company".

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