Episode 24 – Cash Flow: The Blood of Business

Episode 24 – Cash Flow: The Blood of Business

Cash Flow explained in a simple way.

Listen to stories of people who were great at managing their money and others who were most definitely not.

In this episode we use examples of ways we store resources in preparation for the future and how we often forget to do that with our money as well.

Dive into the world of finances in a new and exciting way!

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To date, Making Your Miles Count has saved Canadian Truck Drivers $67,000,000.00 in taxes.

Our services include;
-Full service accounting: (monthly GST, source deductions etc.)
-Truckers only income tax preparation: (personal T1 and corporate T2)
-Truckers comprehensive tax planning
-Government communication and audit assistance
-Trucking company contract consulting and mediation
-Comprehensive administrative consulting to lease/owner operators

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Robert Scheper

Robert D Scheper has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is the author of two books, “Making Your Miles Count: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes” and "Making Your Miles Count: Choosing a Trucking Company".

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